Roman Frescoes & Mosaic Wall Art Prints by Photographer Paul E Williams { 68 images } Created 1 Sep 2021

Photo wall art prints of Roman wall paintings and Roman mosaics by photographer Paul E Williams. The Romans were avid interior decorators and Roman villas had fresco painted wall panels with scenes from mythology whilst their floors were covered in every room with decorative mosaics. Due to its fragile nature less roman fresco paintings have survived than Roman mosaics. Some of the best Roman fresco wall art has been excavated from Pompeii. Many of the Roman paintings of Pompeii showed nudity which outraged the sensibilities of 18th century archaeologists who mis understood the narrative of these frescoes which usually showed scenes from Roman pagan mythology. Portraits like that of baker Terentius, and his wife in the pose of intellectuals depict the aspirations of Romans to be seen as learned and wise. Roman floor mosaic varied from geometric designs to panels depicting scenes from mythology and Roman gods to playful scenes such as the children chariot race from Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily. The Romans were incredibly skilful at making mosaic and some of the best examples can be seen today in North Africa and Sicily. The Villa Romana del Casale was probably an Imperial Villa that was covered by a landslide. This ended up protecting the biggest area of Roman mosaic in situ known to date. The subject matter covers many aspects of Roman life. A massive 60 metre long mosaic along the main corridor of the villa depicts a hunt in Africa of wild animals who are herded onto boats bound for Rome to end up in the Colosseum. The room of the "Bikini Girls " depicts Roman women holding an athletic competition whilst other rooms depict cupids fishing from boats. Our photo wall art print collection of Roman mosaics include example of some of the best know Roman artworks form the Bardo Museum Tunis, The Zeugma Museum Turkey, Villa Romana del Casale, Naples Archaeological museum Pompeii mosaics, the National Roman Museum Rome mosaics and the wonderful Palestrina Nile mosaic. Photographer Paul E Williams has been photographing Roman art fro 10 years and has selected Roman frescoes and mosaics that make inspiring wall art framed prints. These Roman antiquities have survived for over 2000 years to be enjoyed again in peoples homes as a powerful link to our ancient ancestors.

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