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Pictures & images of Stowe House & Stowe English Landscape gardens. Stowe is one of the great stately homes of England with one of the best example of English Landscape gardens by Capability Brown. Stowe house and gardens were developed from 1711 to 1780's and apart from the Late English Baroque "Pepper Pots" lodge houses, the inspiration of style largely comes from Andrea Palladio whose Palladian Villas of the Veneto were the inspiration for the great stately houses of the 1700's in England. This can be seen in the Palladian Bridge at Stowe which crosses the ornamental lake. The South front is a triumph of neo-classic design with a grand Corinthian arched front designed by the eminent Robert Adam. The Gothic Temple designed by James Gibbs in 1731 is an atmospheric building that sits onto of a hill surrounded by the naturalistic park style English garden of Capability Brown. Stowe gardens are one of the great examples of English Landscape Garden with its naturalistic vistas that reveal temples & follies around an ornamental lake. One of the great exponents of the style was Capability Brown who worked on the Stowe gardens and after years of painstaking research and replanting the National Trust have now restored the gardens to his original plans and glory. Today Stowe is owned by the National Trust but also houses one of the great public schools of England which specialised in free thinking pupils that were not suited to the rigid regimes of Eton & Harrow. David Niven & Richard Branson were pupils of Stowe School.

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