THE EYES HAVE IT - Abstract Solaroid Art Photos by Photographer Paul E Williams { 19 images } Created 7 Jul 2021

METAL MORPHOSING - A Solaroid and abstract black and white series of photos by photographer Paul Williams. Taken in 1989.

" This is a strange series of photos that came from out of nowhere. I remember being struck by someone saying "The apple of my eye" which started me pondering on what it really meany. It led me to thinking of other eye phrase like artistic eye, black eye, an eye foe an eye, wandering eyes and this series of photos was born. I had never used collage before and have never done so since and some might say "thats just as well", but the end result is a rather quirky group of characters that I have grown fond of over the years. The black and white prints were hand coloured, a technique I had been fascinated by since I came across a hand coloured portrait of me when I was a young child. I think this led to the selective colour photos I do today. Anyway I hope you find these photos amusing". Paul Williams.

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