Tell Halaf Hittite Relief Sculptures Art - Art { 138 images } Created 16 Feb 2016

Pictures images and photos of Tell Halaf, Guzana or Gozan, was an ancient city located in present day northeastern Syria. Tell Halaf became a Neo-Hittite city state in the 9th century BC. In 1899 Tell Halaf was descovered by Max Von Oppenhein, a German that was surveying a route for the Bagdad railway. Oppenheim had a test pit dug and descovered the Western Palace and some statues. Because he did not have a permit to excavate he covered up the remains, quit his job and applied for a permit to excavate the site. The resulting excavation found significant finds of large statues, a place and tombs and Hellenistic remains. Today the Hittite artefact antiqueries arev housed in the Pergamon Muesum, Berlin. This picture gallery of the Hittite artefacts and antiquities from Tell Halaf reilf sculpture orthostats of Hittite Gods and deities from the Western Palace. The quality of the sculptured panels is remarkable and the creative genius of Hittite artists is shown to full effect.


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