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Pictures and images of the traditional Blackhouse of Arnol, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. The Blackhouse, no 42 at Arnol in Scotland is an original crofters dwelling complete with living for themselves and their animals. The Blackhouse was built with a double dry stone wall as a long building with rounded ends. Wooden beams made a roof which was covered with turf and thatch to keep the rain out. The Blackhouse had hardly any windows and the one at Arnol has a few small roof windows and a window at one end in its bedroom. The traditional Blackhouse had a single entrance placed centrally along one side of the building. This led into a small internal corridor on which a door on one side led to the family living area and on the other side led to the animals living area.
The area the family lived in was split in half. The first half was the living and cooking area. In the middle of the floor is a peat fire which burnt 24 hours a day and still does as can be seen in our pictures. The whole of the living area was filled with the sweet smelling smoke from the peat fire. The smoke tar a deposit of tar on the inside of the roof which sterilised it and killed off any bugs. Recent research has also shown that peat may have had a health benefit for those living in Blockhouses who suffered rarely from lung diseases until they left the Blockhouses to live in more modern dwellings. The end room in the Blackhouse was the bedroom with boxed in beds that gave a little privacy as well as warmth to the crofters at night. It is possible to visit the Blackhouse, no 42 at Arnol which is one of the most authentic Blackhouse in Lewis. It was occupied up until 1966 and when the family left it was preserved with their original possessions and furnishings. The Blackhouse, no 42 at Arnol gives an authentic look into how crofters lived on the Isle of Lewis and the Outer Hebrides for centuries. Download pictures and images of The Blackhouse, no 42 at Arnol as stock photos or buy photo art prints on line.

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