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Pictures images photos of the spectacular Greek painted "Tomb of the Diver" from Paestum. The frescoes of the "Tomb of the Diver" are unique in the ancient Greek world, although its style reveals its Greek qualities and cultural roots, and it is the only example of Greek painting with figured scenes dating from the Orientalizing, Archaic, or Classical periods to survive in its entirety. On the long walls were painted scenes of banqueting. Pairs of men recline on couches conversing, eating drinking, flirting, playing or listening to music. On one of the end walls a male figure pours wine from a wreathed crater. These are scenes from a Symposium, a ritualised feast that was an important social event enjoyed by the elite males of ancient Greece. These scenes show a stereotypical Greek communal event at the heart of Greek culture. The style of the frescoes come from the Greek archaic period. The angular poses and features of the pairs of figures depicted in profile, the outline and the details are typical of archaic The frescoes go further though and depict and have an emotional content which could depict the emotions of sensuality and earthly pleasures. There is pleasure in the scenes and an amorous intent in the composition and gestures.On the last end panel other there is a cortege made up of a naked young man with a short blue cape proceeded by a flutist and followed by a pedagogue leaning on a cane. This could be a procession with the deceased being led to the next world by a boy playing the song of Eros which links the earthly scenes of the Symposium with the next world of the spirit. The inside of the lid of the Tomb of the Diver depicts a young man diving into the Ocean of death from a column that marks the end of the known world. The figure could be the deceased and the dive a metaphor for the passage from life to death, from the physical to the spiritual world. The absolute meaning of the frescoes of "The Tomb of the Diver" can only be guessed by academics but it is for sure that they have meaning and possibly have a narrative that relates to the passage from life to death. The Greeks believed, according to the contemporary poet Semonides, that "painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks".

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