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Ziz Gorges photos, pictures & images. Cutting south through the Atlas mountains the Ziz gorges of Morocco stretch some 80Km. The Ziz Gorge is entered via the Tunnel de Legionnaire at is northern end which was built in the 1930s by the French as a way for their troops to pass through the Canyon. The Ziz River has cut a deep canyon 100-200m wide through the arid Atlas mountains which tower 320M high on either side of the Gorge. In the summer the river bed is almost dry which allowed camel trains to move north from the Sahara to the Northern trading centres of Morocco. The melt waters of the Atlas mountains made this route un-passable in the spring and early summer so a road was built high along the gorge cliffs. The sedimentary rocks of the Ziz Gorge are rich in fossils with Trilobites being common and remains of Dinosaurs being found in the higher rock strata.

At the southern end of the Ziz Gorge the Valley widens and small villages and Kasbahs can be found along the banks of the River Ziz. The Kasbahs would have been Caravanserai, safe overnight stopping places, for the old camel trains that used to come through the Ziz Gorge. Today the Kasbahs are abandoned and ruined but villages are still inhabited by Berbers who grow food on the narrow fertile flood plains. Either side of the gorge are high baron rocky mountain slopes through which a green ribbon of vegetation follows the Ziz River to the end of the Gorge at the the dam of Hassan Addakil lake. The Ziz river flows on from here cutting its way trough a desert plateau and its waters eventually disappearing below the sands of the northern Sahara.

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