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Pictures images photos of The Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy. One of the great Iconic buildings of Rome is the Trevi Fountain. It is a masterpiece of the Baroque and to the art of fountain building. The Trevi gets its name from a derivation of “Tres Vie”, three roads, where 3 Roman aqueducts ended in Rome. It was traditional for the Romans to build fountains at the end of aqueducts and the custom was revived in the fifteenth century when Pope Nicholas V built a simple fountain basin on the site. By 1629 the Baroque was in full swing and Rome had embraced the style with great enthusiasm. Baroque was an extravagant style adopted with great fervor by the Roman Catholic Church in opposition to the puritanical style of Protestants that was threatening Catholicism in northern Europe. The Vatican was given a Baroque makeover and fountains throughout the city were transformed and Rome was transformed into a great Baroque city. According to NBC News in 2016 $1.5 million dollars was collected from the Trevi Fountain, City workers remove coins that pile up in the fountain every night and the money is given to Caritas, a Roman Catholic Charity which supports causes around the world. Tradition says that if you toss 2 or more coins into the Trevi Fountain you will find romance and marry in Rome.

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