VARIOUS & VARIATIONS - Abstract Polaroid Art Photos by Photographer Paul E Williams { 12 images } Created 24 Jun 2021

VARIUOS & VARIATIONS - Solaroid and abstract black and white photos by photographer Paul Williams. Taken between 1989/94.

"This is a collection of various polaroids and variations form my other Solaroid series. I was commissioned to do the last Dire Straits album cover, On Every Street, using the Solaroid technique. I think Mark Knopfler felt that the urban style created by Solaroids would fit his vision for the album. The photo was taken at the old Air Studios in London whilst Mark was doing the final mix on the album cover. Making Solaroids was a very experimental process so to make them to order could have gone horribly wrong. Luckily I was the only one who knew this and in my cavalier way I turned up and took the photo of Mark Knopfler in cowboy boots resting on the mixing desk whilst he played in the background. The only request was that he didn't want his face to be visible. Visualising how a solarised photo would work took a lot of concentrations I wanted the guitar to solarise out of the background. I took about 10 10x8 polaroid's and solarised them. Mark looked them over in silence, pointed to one and said "that one" and the job was over. During the same period I took a self Solarods self portrait. I hate having my photo taken and there are very few photos of me as I am the one who is usually behind the camera. I grew a long beard and shave half off and brushed my hair over to one side. Using a 10x8 camera and a mirror I took these pictures one weekend in my Yorkshire home. I think they sum up much of the turmoil I was going through at the time, or that how they seem to me now. I hope you enjoy these and the variations:. Paul Williams.

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