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Pictures of The Virgin Madonna and Child also known as The Virgin Mary and Child. The Virgin Mary is depicted in Christian Churches nearly as many times as Jesus Christ. One of the most endearing and varied depictions is the Madonna and Child in which The Virgin Mary is depicted standing and holding Jesus Christ as a baby or a very young Child. Christians see The Virgin Mary as an intermediary between themselves and Jesus. They believe that prayers to the Virgin Mary will be passed on directly to Jesus as his mother. This idea is reinforced in the depictions of the Madonna and Child in which it can be seen the close relationship that Mary and Jesus have. There is something quite charming in the naive style of some of the early Medieval Gothic Madonna and Child statues, especially those that are from small churches and were probably made by local artisans. By the Renaissance The Virgin Mary was depicted with a demure etherial expression which can be seen in some of the Gothic statues but in some of these early Gothic statue both Mary and the Child Jesus are depicted as real people.

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