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Explore pictures & images of historic countries of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Discover in our picture collections the major historic sites and archaeological sites of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and its history that dates back to the dawn of mankind and it's early civilisations.

For well over 10.000 years people have occupied the countries in our image collections and have left their mark. Many old cities date back to ancient times and others were buried only to be discovered by archaeologists in recent times.

The historic sites in our countries picture & image collections are a testament to Man's ingenuity, creativity and determination to rise above their humble beginnings. All pictures and images in our photo collections can be downloaded as high resolution files or bought as photo art prints on line

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FunkyStock Picture Library free resource for professional editorial picture editors, picture researchers, historical scholars and students and enthusiasts who want to browse some of the best pictures and images of historic countries, historical places, archaeological sites and the very best museum antiquities and artefacts exhibits in Europe and the Middle East.

Pictures and Images can be downloaded or bought as stock photos or photo art prints.


Browse travel pictures and images of historic places and archaeological sites of countries in Europe and the Middle East.



Explore the past through pictures and images of its historic places. See the great palaces, castles and cities of antiquity as well as the great archaeological sites where our ancestors made history.



Browse pictures & images the treasured artefacts and antiquities exhibits from the great Museum of Europe and the Middle East. See the art and objects made by our ancestors.