• Ancient Egyptian Gebelein cloth depicting a Nile boat scene, the oldest know painted fabric artefact, Predynastic Egypt, Circa 3600BC. Egyptian Museum, Turin. <br />
<br />
There are at least 4 boats depicted on this linen cloth : two small carft following behind two larger vessels. The two small boats are equipped trains with 8 to 10 oars. The bottom boat has 4 rowers with their oars but other oars hanging below the hull . The helmsman has a steering oar larger (left). Two cabins occupy the central space. Between them a person is sitting in the same position as rowers and a black line behind it may be an indication of an other oar. The upper large boat does not have rowers but a helmsman at the back. The curved stern rises high and ends with a decoration. Red and black horizontal lines appear to indicate the presence of a cabin with a flat roof. Front of the cabin a character is sitting on a kind of throne. It seems to wear something on his head while the rowers are bareheaded.

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